Tuesday, February 8, 2011

life's busy.

I always am jealous of friends that are such good bloggers. Let's get real...i'm not so good at this. My sincere apologies!! I wish I was better! I don't think that many people look at my blog anyway, so I'm okay with being a fair weather blogger ;)

So here are just some thoughts from my week...

last week alex turned 20!! we went to nielson's to celebrate...coincident that her order number was 20?? ha ha. this girl is crazy, hilarious, and absolutely stunning. i always have so much fun with her! we could play just dance 2 all night and be perfectly fine. actually i'm pretty sure we're the only ones that actually like to play it. it's like convincing everyone else to jump off a bridge to get them to play.. i love you alex!! you're the best!!

hi, it's been FREEZING!! can you believe this?
so on thursday, i believe, i didn't have to work--wasn't feeling so hot anyway,
i went over to cass's to get some waxing in. this girl is always so busy it's hard to find time with her! anyway...she convinced me to let her wax my nose. weirdest.thing.ever. my nose feels naked? i thought it would hurt really bad, but it didn't. and its definitely one of her favorite features to wax. i find it odd, but we all find joy in different things. anyway, back to the picture, when i was leaving her place i drove by this. crazy.

this is mandana. how adorable is she?
i love watching this little girl. she's so much fun.
she would stay in this swing all day and night if i let her.
my favorite thing: she has little baby tom's--and they are the cutest thing.

this is braxton and i like him :)
he's so sweet to me. he completely took care of me this weekend when i got really sick.
life stinks when you're sick, but it's always a little better when you're with someone that cares about you and it doesn't matter that you look like and sound like death. he's the best...just might keep him around ;)

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Craig + Keri said...

LOOOOOOVEEEE all this. And I call having a massive just dance 1 & 2 party when I get home. A wii and a flat screen are our two top things to buy so party at the fords house. I love you my pooface. So glad you're happy. :)