Saturday, January 29, 2011

doin alright...for the shape i'm in

wow, so it's been forever since i have posted! how about an update? ya? i'm sad to say that i have been absolutely horrible at taking pictures...mostly because i don't have a real camera anymore :( so if you're not into actually reading my blog, this may not be the post for you! ha.

well, second semester is officially in session! and it is kicking my butt! i have a lot of school work, lesson plans, and actual work. i've never been busier. i hope it all doesn't catch up to me soon. i moved in with Grandma "A" at the beginning of the year. i plan on saving some money..for whatever graduation leads me to--just need throw in that i am GRADUATING from COLLEGE in MAY! couldn't be happier for may 12? to come. i picked up 2 more jobs. mon-thurs after student teaching i tutor for the White family in Paradise Valley. they're fun kids, so it's kinda fun to brush up on my jr high and high school knowledge :) tuesday nights i still do respite with Kathryn. friday nights i nanny over night for the Shojaee family in Scottsdale; and some saturday nights. kourosh and mandana are adorable and i don't mind giving up my friday night at all to watch them. it's actually nice because they are both asleep by 8:30 and then i have time to catch up on some homework...or blogging? ha cuz that's what i am doing right now.

life has been good to me amid all the chaos. i still have good friends, but i miss them. i miss keri. who's in utah and i hate it. i miss anais. who's in utah and i hate it. i miss marcie. who is a busy little lady as well. i miss mandis. who makes me laugh til my stomach hurts every time i am with her. i miss alex. who laughs so hard it makes me laugh, oh and touching's kinda our thing. i miss brittany-and dubs. who always has positive advice for me and we always have a good time together. i miss cass. who is someone i can always count on. i miss my family. who are always supportive of me, no matter how busy i am and don't have extra time to spend with them. i wish i could put a pause on life and just catch up with all the people i care about. i feel so selfish that i spend all day everyday working on things for me. aka, student teaching to get a degree and work to earn money. i'm ready for a slow down on life. i want to enjoy each day without being stressed out on what the next day will bring. i want to live in the moment.

i'm thankful for the people that i see everyday and for the support they are to me! susan is amazing, what would i do if i couldn't eat lunch with her everyday and tell our little kinder stories/vent away?? not to mention sneaking away to the mall...ha ha. i literally would go insane. i'm thankful for my clinical instructor allison mullady. she is amazing and sooo helpful. she understands what we go through on a day to day basis and is always willing to help us in any way she can. on days when i think i can't make it, she makes me feel like i can. and i will! thankful for julie and her letting me use her place to do homework...oh and actually doing my homework for me? ya, she's a keeper. so thankful for braxton and how awesome he is to me. he is always willing to help me and make sure i'm doing okay!

i don't know what i would do if i didn't have every single one of these people in my life. it would be incomplete. someday i hope to have all my close friends living minutes away from me. how wonderful would that be?? well, i'm actually just hoping for the same! :)


Craig & Keri said...

Dearest pooface,
I miss your stinkin guts. And I am happy to announce that in 91 days I will be back in AZ. Never to leave again.

I can't speak for all the other people...but I'm comin home and we're going to be togevvver again...forever.

Katelyn said...

looks like you're having fun and doing well! I still can't believe we're old enough to graduate this semester...crazy!

LeSueurs said... Braxton is still in the picture eh??? I like. call me to give me a .little update please! I am glad you said I give positive advice because I am not so sure I give good advice. he he Love ya!!1 update more often please!!! _BO