Monday, July 25, 2011

Marcie Moo is Twenty-Two...Marcie Moo is Twenty-Two!!!

July 22, 2011
was an EPIC day,
to say the least.
{Marcie Moo Lindblom}
turned 22 years old!!

This girl is so special to me! Not only do we have a bazillion memories together...but we most definitely have pictures of ALL of them! No we do not regret being the annoying girls who are constantly asking random people {craig} to take our picture because now we can go back and replay all crazy fun adventures that marcie and i had. marc and i may or may not have been attached at the hip before austin came along...even for a while after. yes i had to share my marcie moo with a boy, but i knew this would day would eventually marc's mom stamped us with the name bobbsey twins and our good friend brian nicknamed us Marcedes-Kenz. we loved both of these nicknames and definitely are proud. Marcie is so sweet, so kind, so fun and Always willing to help me or anyone else with anything!! and that my friends is why she is my best friend :)

I'm glad Marcie has me as her best friend...and i love when i can make this girl laugh, because we definitely make each other laugh ALL the time. We have so much fun. SO the birthday morning....i spent the night at Marcie's house the past couple nights cuz her family was gone camping, so the eve of her birthday i was thinking of what i was going to do...i wanted to make her waffles, but i didn't bring my waffles maker and who wants waffles for their birthday if they aren't heart shaped?! ha ha. so i came up with this idea as i was dozing off and marc was freaking out about a math test she had just finished and her computer blacked out. (sorrrrry marcie)
Because I was not able to be with this girl at night...and wouldn't be able to make her a cake this year, and i know how much she LOOOVES donuts.. i decided to go buy a bunch of donuts and build a cake/tower of donuts! I think it turned out pretty cute! AND it was a good breakfast.

if you know marcie at know what she wished for!!!
Rollerblades :)

Oh and I wasn't kidding about being ridiculous with taking pictures....

self timer. Continuous. Harder than it looks...or maybe not. ha ha.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{story time}

In the past couple days I've told this story it feels like a bazillion times and each time I remember something different that now that it's germinated in my mind, I will tell the blogging world! And give some background of our this is a long post and I think its more for me to remember everything ha ha. so if you just want to skip down to the bottom where it says proposal, that's fine with me :)

A week long trip to Lake Powell did me good...(yes, I'm a school teacher) It gave me time to think a LOT about where my life was heading and to just have fun. I was kind of in a funny spot...just graduated, not really dating anyone, and had many many possibilities. I felt like I just didn't really have any direction. I even thought about moving away to Texas to teach there...little did I know that my ENTIRE life would fall into place sooo perfectly within a few short days of returning. The Monday we set off on the lake I had a phone interview with Centennial Elementary in Higley Unified School District...I was super nervous. I wasn't prepared to have an interview my first day on the lake, but it went really well and the principal said she would give me a call to come in the next week. Powell flew by wayyyy too fast, and before I knew it we were headed home on Sunday the 12th. I had a voicemail from Debbie (principal) saying she wanted me to come in for an interview Monday morning. The interview went great! but I was the very first one they interviewed and she said they had interviews all day until 2 and they would let me know by Friday, so I was trying to not get my hopes up. Well, I get a call from Debbie at about 2:30 asking if I wanted full time or part time! I got the job! And of course I went with full time. So that settled me a little and I was so happy to have secured a job at a really good school so quickly after graduating.

Okay now for the good part! Well not that getting a job wasn't a good part...but that's the temporary part.

That same day was potluck for FHE in my ward, which i'm in charge I had to get all ready for that. Surprisingly--it's summer-- there were a lot of people there, with a lot of new faces. I had only been gone a week so I was curious who all the new people were. After I ate some food I went and visited at another table where there were at least 2 new boys sitting...turned out to be Logan Rogers and Travis Gibson from Snowflake. Now, you have to understand that I was immediately curious just because Marcie and I know a few people from that area...turns out we knew some of the same people so we had some things to talk about. They both seemed like nice guys..but I didn't really think too much of it. They were really nice guys and helped me clean up FHE (brownie points from the beginning) and we practiced volleyball after and they seemed like really fun guys. The next night (Tuesday) we were on the same team to play Tuesday night rolls around and I wasn't sure why, but I was really curious to see if Logan would come..and he did. We kinda talked throughout the game and flirted, nothin serious, but we left at the same time so we got to talk more. As we were walking out to the parking lot he was saying that we should hang out so I was told him he should come slack lining with me...obviously he didn't really know what that was but he said it sounded fun but he had to wake up really he got my number and said we should do something the next day. I told him I would text him when I got off work. So Wednesday afternoon I get done babysitting and I text Logan and we start chatting and what not, then he asks if I still want to do something and I was all for it...then he goes, well my dad is in town and wants to go to dinner, want to come? My first reaction was...hmm that's kinda weird-our first time hanging out and its dinner with your dad? but then I just thought what the heck. So he came and picked me up, then we picked up his dad and went to TX of my favs, along with theirs! I had SOO much fun with them...I highly recommend going on your first date with their dad...I learned a lot about Logan that I probably wouldn't have learned had his dad not been there. Logan doesn't really like to talk about himself, but his dad sure does! And let me tell you, he has every right to brag about his amazing son! We had a really good time together, and I will never forgot all the thoughts that were running through my mind...I felt so comfortable around Logan...and I had only known him 2 days. His dad was already inviting me to the big 4th of July celebration in Snowflake...ha. Well after dinner, we dropped his dad off and Logan and I went country dancing. He doesn't really know how to dance, and I've been quite a few times...hands down it was the best time I've had there. I could not stop laughing and smiling. By the end of the night my face seriously hurt from smiling so much. My hearts beating fast right now just thinking about that night all over was a perfect first date, neither of us wanted it to end. He kissed me, sparks flew, and I was seriously falling for him from ever since that night. The next morning I text keri and told her I was in love...I wasn't 100% sure...but I knew it was something. Thursday he came and saw me and his heart was beating so face I'm surprised it stayed inside his chest. It was so stinkin cute. We went and ate at Costa Vida, bought stuff to make pazookies at Walmart--along with D-back shirts, and came back to my house to watch a movie. We were both too full from costa to make pazookies and after the movie he took me for a ride on his motorcycle. Oh boy. We stopped on Main St. and took some pictures. It was so much fun. And I was definitely falling for him more and more. Friday we went to the Diamondbacks game with his dad, 2 sister (Brittany and Brooklyn) and his bro in law Ricky (britt's husband) ps Britt is due to have her baby any second. The game was a blast and his family was really fun. Saturday rolled around and Logan came to the movies with my family, then he and I went to a BBQ swim party with his ENTIRE family because one of his cousins is leaving on a mission. Sunday was Father's day and we spent some time with his dad...I'm pretty sure his dad saw all of this coming from our very first date. Sunday night Mandy, Jason, Alex, and Chin all came over to my house and we made pazookies...right before we were pulling up to my house Logan looks and me and says, do you think you can fall in love with someone in 6 days? And I said are you really asking me that or is that a rhetorical question? {ha ha} he said i was really asking, my response: I think you can fall in love with someone in any amount of time. And later that night after everyone left him and I talked For-Ev-ER...he told me he loved me and I said you're the one! I can't believe I found my dream guy! Well, needless to say we have seen each other every single day since.

This past Wednesday we went and looked at rings...I saw one that I really liked--it was the closest to the idea in my head, but we left there kinda with just the attitude of we'll keep looking and what not. So I didn't think getting engaged was really happening that soon. Well, turns out on Thursday while I was at work he went and bought the ring, he picked out the diamond, Friday he talked to my dad, and Saturrrrrday was the big day!

Proposal: Logan worked all day and I was waiting for him to get done so we could go to the river with everyone. He ended up getting done a little later than he was suppose to. We were on the way to the river and he goes what time are we getting back? and said he needed to be back by 7 and I was like why do you need to be back by 7 and Travis covered him and said the store he had to get parts from for his truck closed then. So he made up this story that he needed to help travis fix some stuff on his truck. He took me to Olive Garden for dinner, and when he was suppose to be fixing Travis' truck, he was actually picking up my ring, a big bouquet of roses, and talking to the manager at Olive Garden. I had NO clue this was all coming. It was a complete surprise. We ate dinner and then were going to get dessert when all of a sudden this cake gets set right in front of me with a HUGE ring on top! and a big bouquet of roses followed. I was in face said it all. {wish we would've gotten a pic} Any way so after about a min of me freaking out and almost crying he comes over and gets down on one knee and says, "Kenz, will you marry me? i'm really nervous..." I kissed him and said YES!! I couldn't be happier! he was so nervous, and so cute. he sat down by me and was just trying to calm down and then I go, "Are you gonna put that on my finger?" ha ha. his poor hands were shaking so bad. ahhh but it was so cute and so perfect and i was so surprised. I know I've said it a million times, but I seriously couldn't be happier and he could see how happy it made me. After eating some cake, we went over to my parents to share the news!! :) did I mention that i LOOOOVE my ring? It's gorgeous...he did such a good job, but i LOVE him way more <3

Monday, July 11, 2011


Considering it has been more than a few months since the last time I blogged, I figured what I am about to post about is the most blog-worthy event in my life thus far. So here it goes!...

I'm getting...MARRIED!!!

I couldn't have picked a better person to spend the rest of my life with. Logan Rogers is my {dream boy}...literally. Everything I have ever wanted in my future husband I have found in him. You can only imagine what it's like to have your dreams come true, right?! Well I can honestly say my {dreams} have come TRUE! It may not have fully hit me yet...but it will, and I'm SO excited to spend forever with my cowboy.

Did I mention he's a cowboy?!


I'm in love. and happy. and stories to come... :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

life's busy.

I always am jealous of friends that are such good bloggers. Let's get real...i'm not so good at this. My sincere apologies!! I wish I was better! I don't think that many people look at my blog anyway, so I'm okay with being a fair weather blogger ;)

So here are just some thoughts from my week...

last week alex turned 20!! we went to nielson's to celebrate...coincident that her order number was 20?? ha ha. this girl is crazy, hilarious, and absolutely stunning. i always have so much fun with her! we could play just dance 2 all night and be perfectly fine. actually i'm pretty sure we're the only ones that actually like to play it. it's like convincing everyone else to jump off a bridge to get them to play.. i love you alex!! you're the best!!

hi, it's been FREEZING!! can you believe this?
so on thursday, i believe, i didn't have to work--wasn't feeling so hot anyway,
i went over to cass's to get some waxing in. this girl is always so busy it's hard to find time with her! anyway...she convinced me to let her wax my nose. weirdest.thing.ever. my nose feels naked? i thought it would hurt really bad, but it didn't. and its definitely one of her favorite features to wax. i find it odd, but we all find joy in different things. anyway, back to the picture, when i was leaving her place i drove by this. crazy.

this is mandana. how adorable is she?
i love watching this little girl. she's so much fun.
she would stay in this swing all day and night if i let her.
my favorite thing: she has little baby tom's--and they are the cutest thing.

this is braxton and i like him :)
he's so sweet to me. he completely took care of me this weekend when i got really sick.
life stinks when you're sick, but it's always a little better when you're with someone that cares about you and it doesn't matter that you look like and sound like death. he's the best...just might keep him around ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

doin alright...for the shape i'm in

wow, so it's been forever since i have posted! how about an update? ya? i'm sad to say that i have been absolutely horrible at taking pictures...mostly because i don't have a real camera anymore :( so if you're not into actually reading my blog, this may not be the post for you! ha.

well, second semester is officially in session! and it is kicking my butt! i have a lot of school work, lesson plans, and actual work. i've never been busier. i hope it all doesn't catch up to me soon. i moved in with Grandma "A" at the beginning of the year. i plan on saving some money..for whatever graduation leads me to--just need throw in that i am GRADUATING from COLLEGE in MAY! couldn't be happier for may 12? to come. i picked up 2 more jobs. mon-thurs after student teaching i tutor for the White family in Paradise Valley. they're fun kids, so it's kinda fun to brush up on my jr high and high school knowledge :) tuesday nights i still do respite with Kathryn. friday nights i nanny over night for the Shojaee family in Scottsdale; and some saturday nights. kourosh and mandana are adorable and i don't mind giving up my friday night at all to watch them. it's actually nice because they are both asleep by 8:30 and then i have time to catch up on some homework...or blogging? ha cuz that's what i am doing right now.

life has been good to me amid all the chaos. i still have good friends, but i miss them. i miss keri. who's in utah and i hate it. i miss anais. who's in utah and i hate it. i miss marcie. who is a busy little lady as well. i miss mandis. who makes me laugh til my stomach hurts every time i am with her. i miss alex. who laughs so hard it makes me laugh, oh and touching's kinda our thing. i miss brittany-and dubs. who always has positive advice for me and we always have a good time together. i miss cass. who is someone i can always count on. i miss my family. who are always supportive of me, no matter how busy i am and don't have extra time to spend with them. i wish i could put a pause on life and just catch up with all the people i care about. i feel so selfish that i spend all day everyday working on things for me. aka, student teaching to get a degree and work to earn money. i'm ready for a slow down on life. i want to enjoy each day without being stressed out on what the next day will bring. i want to live in the moment.

i'm thankful for the people that i see everyday and for the support they are to me! susan is amazing, what would i do if i couldn't eat lunch with her everyday and tell our little kinder stories/vent away?? not to mention sneaking away to the mall...ha ha. i literally would go insane. i'm thankful for my clinical instructor allison mullady. she is amazing and sooo helpful. she understands what we go through on a day to day basis and is always willing to help us in any way she can. on days when i think i can't make it, she makes me feel like i can. and i will! thankful for julie and her letting me use her place to do homework...oh and actually doing my homework for me? ya, she's a keeper. so thankful for braxton and how awesome he is to me. he is always willing to help me and make sure i'm doing okay!

i don't know what i would do if i didn't have every single one of these people in my life. it would be incomplete. someday i hope to have all my close friends living minutes away from me. how wonderful would that be?? well, i'm actually just hoping for the same! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gilbert Days

so friday night i babysat abigael and kathleen.
coincidently, exactly one year ago...i was also babysitting them!
last year we went to the gilbert days rodeo/carnival,
so i figured heck, let's go again!

we packed up and headed to the rodeo park.
favorite line from abi..
"are those hot guys going to be there again?"
of course abi would remember the boys.

we didn't pay to get into the rodeo so we just got tickets to go on some rides!
this was their absolute favorite ride...

they went on it twice...first time with me, then the 2nd was just them!
they had a blast!!

b is say the least.
we were waiting in line for another ride and she just starts breakin it down,
i mean droppin it low
dancin on both me and kat
kat gets SOO embarrassed
so i start dancin with b.
kat goes "I'm telling my daaaad!!!"
it was fun :)
here's some other rides we went on!

Love these girls!! it was a good night!!

oh did i mention i was getting paid?? ha. love them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hat walk...with no music? really?


doesn't sound very fun to me,
but kids will do anything for a hat/candy!

So...Saturday evening was Navajo's Fall Festival.
My class was in charge of the hat walk.
I signed up for the first time slot and got there right at the beginning.
yes, I drug marcie along with me.
such a good friend :)

Well, we go there and it was set up...but
no candy.
no music.
so I had to go hunt both down.
Fortunately, we got candy and a boombox...
that they wouldn't let us plug in.
she told us to "sing" because the kids wouldn't be able to hear music on the boombox anyway
....and they will hear my voice???
yeah, okay.
So I get my phone out.
play a little music.
really softly.
cuz i'm not gonna sit there and sing songs.
THANK YOU marcie moo for coming with me!
at least we had fun putting on the different hats
oh and stealing the candy :)
nothin better than tootsie rolls during sacrament meeting :)

hope you all had a fun weekend!!!
so excited for Halloween and the nice weather :)