Monday, July 25, 2011

Marcie Moo is Twenty-Two...Marcie Moo is Twenty-Two!!!

July 22, 2011
was an EPIC day,
to say the least.
{Marcie Moo Lindblom}
turned 22 years old!!

This girl is so special to me! Not only do we have a bazillion memories together...but we most definitely have pictures of ALL of them! No we do not regret being the annoying girls who are constantly asking random people {craig} to take our picture because now we can go back and replay all crazy fun adventures that marcie and i had. marc and i may or may not have been attached at the hip before austin came along...even for a while after. yes i had to share my marcie moo with a boy, but i knew this would day would eventually marc's mom stamped us with the name bobbsey twins and our good friend brian nicknamed us Marcedes-Kenz. we loved both of these nicknames and definitely are proud. Marcie is so sweet, so kind, so fun and Always willing to help me or anyone else with anything!! and that my friends is why she is my best friend :)

I'm glad Marcie has me as her best friend...and i love when i can make this girl laugh, because we definitely make each other laugh ALL the time. We have so much fun. SO the birthday morning....i spent the night at Marcie's house the past couple nights cuz her family was gone camping, so the eve of her birthday i was thinking of what i was going to do...i wanted to make her waffles, but i didn't bring my waffles maker and who wants waffles for their birthday if they aren't heart shaped?! ha ha. so i came up with this idea as i was dozing off and marc was freaking out about a math test she had just finished and her computer blacked out. (sorrrrry marcie)
Because I was not able to be with this girl at night...and wouldn't be able to make her a cake this year, and i know how much she LOOOVES donuts.. i decided to go buy a bunch of donuts and build a cake/tower of donuts! I think it turned out pretty cute! AND it was a good breakfast.

if you know marcie at know what she wished for!!!
Rollerblades :)

Oh and I wasn't kidding about being ridiculous with taking pictures....

self timer. Continuous. Harder than it looks...or maybe not. ha ha.


marcie said...

Please promise me when you get married you won't forget about me!!! Cuz I have wayyyy too much fun with you I love you to pieces girl thanks for making me feel special on my birthday :) XOXOXO

The Adairs said...

Hey there Mrs might want to update this sweet little blog of yours with some wedding pictures and such. It's been almost a year!