Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hat walk...with no music? really?


doesn't sound very fun to me,
but kids will do anything for a hat/candy!

So...Saturday evening was Navajo's Fall Festival.
My class was in charge of the hat walk.
I signed up for the first time slot and got there right at the beginning.
yes, I drug marcie along with me.
such a good friend :)

Well, we go there and it was set up...but
no candy.
no music.
so I had to go hunt both down.
Fortunately, we got candy and a boombox...
that they wouldn't let us plug in.
she told us to "sing" because the kids wouldn't be able to hear music on the boombox anyway
....and they will hear my voice???
yeah, okay.
So I get my phone out.
play a little music.
really softly.
cuz i'm not gonna sit there and sing songs.
THANK YOU marcie moo for coming with me!
at least we had fun putting on the different hats
oh and stealing the candy :)
nothin better than tootsie rolls during sacrament meeting :)

hope you all had a fun weekend!!!
so excited for Halloween and the nice weather :)

1 comment:

marcie said...

woooo!! we rocked that hat walk! We should have stolen that spinny hat along with the tootsie rolls.