Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gilbert Days

so friday night i babysat abigael and kathleen.
coincidently, exactly one year ago...i was also babysitting them!
last year we went to the gilbert days rodeo/carnival,
so i figured heck, let's go again!

we packed up and headed to the rodeo park.
favorite line from abi..
"are those hot guys going to be there again?"
of course abi would remember the boys.

we didn't pay to get into the rodeo so we just got tickets to go on some rides!
this was their absolute favorite ride...

they went on it twice...first time with me, then the 2nd was just them!
they had a blast!!

b is say the least.
we were waiting in line for another ride and she just starts breakin it down,
i mean droppin it low
dancin on both me and kat
kat gets SOO embarrassed
so i start dancin with b.
kat goes "I'm telling my daaaad!!!"
it was fun :)
here's some other rides we went on!

Love these girls!! it was a good night!!

oh did i mention i was getting paid?? ha. love them.


marcie said...

The last time I rode the star ship I thought I was gonna pass out! I couldn'e move my head so it was pinned back and I couldn't breathe!!! Normally I love that thing and am dying to go on it.... but now I have mixed feelings haha. Hope your neds was just lovely last night wish I could have gone with ya :)

Anonymous said...

Hows mt girl doing, miss you

Anonymous said...

Hows my girl doing, miss you